Shoe Care

 Why is shoe care so very important? I hear it all the time…

I love my shoes!
I wear my shoes to death!
Oh, I can completely change an outfit with my shoes.


But we don’t seem to care for them as much as our clothes or for that matter anything.

So, I was on a mission to find out how to best care for my shoes. 

Thinking about it; both men’s and women’s shoes are made primarily from some array of leather, cotton, rubber, and plastic. They’re even made using some of the same techniques and methods. And they are worn the same way, they are used, abused and often neglected. 

The unfortunate result of such neglect is that the shoes expire well before their use by date. No doubt resulting in emotional heartache. I shudder the thought of when I have to throw out my most beloved pair of shoes because they are no longer wearable…I usually cry! And not to mention the amount you spent, to just have to throw them out. This is one thing that causes me agony when it comes to my wardrobe.

Ladies… fear not!

Caring and maintaining your shoes including high heels is not that difficult.

  • First and foremost, waterproof waterproof waterproof…did I say WATERPROOF. This will give your shoe a much long life
  • Make sure your shoes are dry before storing them in your wardrobe. Dry shoes are less likely to become mouldy.
  • Remember ladies…. Do NOT drive in your heels! This puts stress on the heel and will mark them. And it dangerous!
  • Wipe your shoes down after every use with a towel or brush. This helps to keep them free of dust and dirt and can help take out minor stains and scuffs. With leather this can help maintain the beautiful shine of the leather.
  • Shoehorns are a useful tool and important for women’s shoes. These little gems help preserve the shape (the part that encloses the heel on the shoe) and make it super easy to get your shoes on. We have shoehorns in store and if you buy a pair of shoes you get one for free if you mention this Blog.
  • Leather shoe will, from time to time, need a little more TLC... more than just a simple wipe down. Our leather needs to be treated with a bit of respect, just like us ladies. A bit of conditioning moisturizing and polishing to help extend the shoe life. You can do this yourself, or you can have your trusted boot makers. Oh, how I love a bootmaker! 
  • Suede needs to be brushed, using a stiff bristled brush. Keep in mind our Patent leather and suede does not need to be polished.
  • Hmmm…floorobe…yes that’s right, the wardrobe on the floor with all of your shoes strewn about. It can easily be transformed and so much better when organized. A simple shoe rack will help keep your shoes more organized. Allowing for easy access and saving your precious shoes extra damage in the wardrobe. The other alternative is, storing them in shoe bags

  • Shoe care should encompass the sole of our shoes too. Resoling our shoe will give you extended wear

After you spend your hard-earned money on shoes you love, why not take care of them? It will only take a few extra seconds when putting your shoes on and off. This will extend the life of your shoes by months, if not years. In turn will save you , save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


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